Burnett’s Boards Brides

Dear Excited Bride-to-be,

Thank You for dropping in!  I am so excited that you did…

Here’s Why:

For some time now I’ve had this off the chart idea to pose
a just-married couple in a helicopter, doors off, dress
billowing in the wind, with St Lucia’s World Heritage
Landmark – The Pitons, for a spectacular backdrop…

Funny thing is I recently came this close to getting that shot but in the end it didn’t quite work out (more on that later) and then I thought:

Why not have a competition for the newly weds with the coolest chopper photos and the coolest story… and while at it Why Not let this bride win her St Lucia StoryBook Wedding Photography – chopper photo shoot and all – completely for FREE!

… and GUESS WHAT??? – That lucky bride could very well be YOU!!!

So if you love the idea and just know you would enjoy this really cool adventure simply enter your first name and best email address in the form below to discover more about this amazing wedding photography…

See you on the other side…

One Love
Kirk Elliott