St Lucia Weather

While perfect St Lucia weather is every bride’s dream, it is easy to forget the flip side of this which is that ugly St Lucia weather is every bride’s secret fear.

So to allay your foul weather fears I thought I’d write about the weather in St Lucia.  Being a tropical island paradise we enjoy gentle cooling breezes and year round temperatures ranging between a low that gets down into the 70s and highs that generally reach the upper 80s.

While we get sufficient rain to keep us beautifully green it hardly ever rains for an entire day… and on the rare occasions when it does the rain is quite delightful since while it is wet it is also rather warm!

Because of our hilly terrain Saint Lucia experiences regular mid afternoon showers due to condensation of moisture in the air from winds blowing in from the east.  These winds impact the island’s center ridge, get pushed high up in the atmosphere then fall on the western side of the island as relief rainfall.

The northern and southern ends of the island experience considerably less rain that the west central corridor of the island due to St Lucia’s tapered shape at both it’s northern and southern ends.

Truth is – while the weather can be a major concern of yours we suggest that you not let this bother you as in addition to all that we have shared above, most times when it rains it mostly happens in short “sweet” bursts before things revert to normal.

So while YES it could rain on your wedding day…NO the rain simply lacks the power to ruin your wedding day photography regardless of how hard it tries.

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