Helicopter Wedding Photography

With so many photographers in St Lucia shooting near identical wedding pictures I thought  why not break that boring mold and create a fun, exciting, over the top, extreme wedding photography experience for destination brides who are anything but boring…

And so was born the idea for Signature Pitons Wedding Pictures featuring brides and grooms hanging out the chopper, doors off with huge smiles on their faces because you know that you Dear Bride, will be the envy of all your girlfriends back home … and all the while you’re quietly thinking – Eat Your Hearts Out Guys!!!

Today we offer more than just Chopper Wedding Photography as we invite adventure seeking Love Bugs to come celebrate Love Up in The Air whether you are newly weds, on honeymoon or you’ve been married for some time now!

Hey we couldn’t think of a funner way for you to celebrate love…

To learn more simply click the link below to send Kirk an email now