Win Your Wedding

I’m sure you must have noticed that all of Erin & Michael’s helicopter pictures are in casual clothes with the exception of this one picture in their wedding outfits.

Here’s what happened… We couldn’t do the chopper shoot on their wedding day and when we got round to doing the shoot both Erin and Michael simply didn’t feel like getting back into their wedding outfits – plus Erin’s hair was no longer looking the way it did on her wedding day.  So since the chopper had already been booked it simply was an occasion not to be missed.

Now while the shoot actually took place – and it was truly an epic event, this wedding outfit picture was produced in photoshop by replacing the casually dressed Erin and Michael with a wedding day version of themselves.

How Erin & Michael’s Missed Shot Could
Make You Win Really BIG

Funny thing though is that while at first we were all disappointed about this, a wave of inspiration hit me as a little voice inside my head cried out:

“Kirk why not turn this entire problem into an unexpected bonanza for ONE Really Lucky Bride…”

Here’s How:

Every bride whose wedding we shoot in 2016 will be automatically entered in a draw to win her entire wedding photography package COMPLETELY FREE

Yes you read that right – You Could Win Your Entire Wedding Photography With Us For FREE

You see we are still searching for that perfect picture of a bride and groom on their wedding day … and that lucky bride could just be YOU!!!

  • In the chopper…
  • Doors off…
  • Pitons in the background…
  • …With your wedding dress billowing out the back of the open chopper!!!

In addition you will write sharing your exciting story of how you met, what made you choose St Lucia and St Lucia StoryBook Weddings and what were the greatest highlights of your time in St Lucia.

A winner will be chosen based on a 50:50 weighting between your helicopter pictures and your captivating wedding story.

The winner will get their wedding COMPLETELY FREE WITH A 100% REFUND of whatever amount was spent with us on their wedding photography!

Think of this as our way of saying a heartfelt Thank You for helping us make this crazy helicopter photo dream such an AMAZING reality!!!

I Can Hardly Wait To Capture
Your Love Up In The Air…