Caribbean Destination Wedding Webinar

Wednesday March 28th 8:00 PM EST

Caribbean Destination Wedding Webinar

So I was recently at one of these really cool
Cocktail Hour Caribbean Resort Rumpunch Parties
where I ran into a longtime friend who introduces
me to Sara…

My friend tells Sara how I love hanging out of
choppers and how I’ve shot a ton of weddings.
Then Sara tells me about how she helps brides
achieve the most spectacular weddings ever…

Next thing you know we’ve downed a few more
Tropical Cocktails, inspiration flows and next
thing you know we’ve planned a Caribbean
Destination Wedding Webinar…

To ensure that we don’t miss a thing we would
love for you to send in your


These can be anything about anything, such as…

  • What happens if it rains on my wedding day?
  • How do I plan a church wedding in the Caribbean?
  • How long must I be on island before I can get married?
  • Will my marriage be legal back home?
  • or anything else that comes to mind!

Complete the form below and hit the Submit Button to send
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